The new Mobile Photo Kiosk V3 is now available!

All existing stores (V2) were imported into the new version of the system (V3) in October 2023. You received a message with new links to the store and admin panel.

What's new in V3?

The new version of the Mobile Photo Kiosk platform was written practically from scratch, using the latest web technology, to provide you with completely new possibilities and a new quality of this solution. Creating it, we took into account almost all your suggestions and experiences from the current system.

Changes to the customer application:

  • A new web application that allows customers to order photos directly from a web browser, without the need to install additional software.
  • The native Android, iOS and Huawei app will still be available (see the Mobile app section).
  • Possibility to order photos from phones, tablets and computers.
  • A completely new, more modern, transparent and friendly user interface.
  • Customers can crop their photos, which allows them to customise them.
  • Creating user accounts in the system.
  • Tracking the processing progress of the order.
  • New notification emails.
  • Defining a different address for shipments.
  • Individual editors for various types of products (single and multi-photo).
  • Working with orders on more than one device at the same time (e.g. completing an order from photos placed on different phones).
  • Access to photos saved in the cloud.

Changes for you:

  • Enhanced shop admin panel, giving greater control over settings, prices, promotions and statistics.
  • Order list management.
  • Customisable delivery methods.
  • Management of messages sent to customers.
  • Order fulfillment process management: Accepted/To be paid/In progress/Completed/Cancelled.
  • Automatic retrieval of online payment status from the payment provider (Payment statuses: To be paid/ Paid/ Payment failed).
  • Ability to mark 'cash on delivery' and 'on delivery' orders as Paid.
  • Reinstatement of a payment with a possibility of changing its method and renewing it in the event of a failed transaction.
  • Adding up to 6 of your own photos for each product (e.g. real photos).
  • Compliance with the OMNIBUS directive - the lowest product price in the last 30 days.
  • New subscription model – with the option to enable automatic renewal and notification of service renewal or expiration.
  • A register of financial charges related to purchased subscriptions, live tracking of subscription consumption with a preview of the consumption of billing files at the level of individual orders.
  • Adding shop employees and assigning them permissions and the ability to change the default password for the shop owner.
  • Possibility to define up to 4 separate email addresses for individual notifications.
  • Ability to define and sell non-photo products (without a customer photo).
  • Integration with Epson SureLab OrderControler and Noritsu QSSPrint printing systems.
  • New types of multi-photo products.
  • Categorisation of products by unified type (Mugs, Photos, Calendars, etc.).
  • An advertising banner that will be displayed in the client's application.
  • Additional advertising photos/graphics can be set in the application appearance definition, which will be displayed in the form of an automatically scrolling carousel.
  • An extensive gallery of over 340 ready-to-use product photos, backgrounds and graphics for editors.
  • Possibility of keeping separate order numbering for each location.

This portal allows new customers to search for your shop!

There is a search engine for this, where you can search by: name, town, distance from your shop, as well as the range of products offered and delivery methods!
(The distance functionality requires you to indicate your GPS location in the admin panel)

The V2 version will be completely deactivated on March 1st, 2024, by which time all current Mobile Photo Kiosk stores must switch to the V3 version. We encourage you not to leave everything until the last moment.

Upgrade to V3 version

The shop configuration will be initially imported, but due to the huge differences between V2 and V3, it will need to be checked – your shop on the new website will basically be created from scratch.

Detailed plan for the near future:


By the mid-October, 2023, your shop configuration will be imported to V3 version.


Your current Mobile Photo Kiosk V2 will continue to operate normally and for the moment will remain the one that customers can use.


The shop in V3 will be in ” Under construction” mode and in this mode it will not be available to your customers.


You will receive an email with access data to the new shop and to the admin panel, as well as further instructions.


You will need to sign in to the admin panel (using your existing login details) and complete the configuration of your new shop.


Directly from the admin panel, you can check the operation of your shop from the customer side and make the necessary changes before the shop is made available to customers.


Once you have familiarised yourself with the new shop and ensured that it has the right configuration, you will be able to transfer your MPK V2 subscription to the new shop (the subscription transfer will be available to you from October 10th, 2023).


Subscription transfer closes your old shop and allows your customers to start using the new functionalities.

Your own hosting and local channels?

The new Mobile Photo Kiosk V3 is a completely online solution, in cross-platform technology, where it’s impossible to maintain the option offered so far – your own hosting and local sales channels (with an FTP server in the local network).
For this reason, these options will no longer be available in the Mobile Photo Kiosk V3.

All self-hosted subscriptions will be transferred to Pixel-Tech’s hosting free of charge at the time of the switch to V3, so that you do not have to pay anything extra under your current subscription.

Mobile app

The native app for Android, iOS and Huawei will still be available, allowing your customers to order products using it.

The transition from V2 to V3 is a bit more complex in this case and is divided into the following stages:


Stage 0 (current state)

  • The application supports Mobile Photo Kiosk V2 only and this is the only form of supporting V2.

Stage 1: (until 10/10/2023)

The iOS/Android/Huawei app will get an update that allows the app to accept in a limited way shops that have already moved to V3.

At the same time:

  • Shops that have not updated to V3 will still be supported in the app as before.
  • Shops that have updated to V3 will open a window in the app stating that this shop is already using the new system. The [Open] button will be visible, and pressing it opens the Mobile Photo Kiosk V3 app as a web page in the mobile’s system browser.

So for these shops, at this stage the functionality and meaning of the app will be limited to:  Entering the shop number or scanning the QR code to find and remember the selected shop. Everything else, i.e. ordering, selecting photos, will be carried out via a web browser.

This stage will last until the end of the year. This is the time that all shops will get to move to V3.


Stage 2: (early 2024)

The app will get a big update:

  • Support for V2 shops will be completely disabled.
  • V3 shops will receive direct support for placing orders and working in the application (without opening the system web browser).

Price list, new subscription periods and billing files

New functionalities and capabilities of the Mobile Photo Kiosk V3 platform have also introduced necessary extensions to offers in the price list,  subscriptions and introduce the concept of Billing files (details below).


Mobile Photo Kiosk V3 is available in two versions:

  • PRO

Mobile Photo Kiosk Standard

It not only covers the functionality of the current V2 version, but significantly expands it in most aspects. At the same time, it is offered at the same price as the current V2 version.

prices do not include VAT

*file – means billing file

Mobile Photo Kiosk Pro

Includes everything in the Standard version, plus:

  • Longer file storage period (31 days instead of 7).
  • Manage order status and download mode.
  • Additional notifications to shops and customers.
  • White Labeling option – ability to remove the Mobile Photo Kiosk logo and markings from the shop.
  • Your own advertising graphics in e-mails to customers.
  • Possibility to send e-mails from your own SMTP server.
  • Option to place the shop under your own domain name*.
  • Payment restoration with the option to change it and retry it in the event of a failed transaction.
  • Marked with the PRO label on the shop list.
  • Early access to newly introduced functionalities.
  • Priority technical support.

Requires purchasing a domain and an SSL certificate for it, and then having it managed by Pixel – Tech An installation fee is charged for configuring the domain on the M obile hoto Kiosk server.

prices do not include VAT

*file – means billing file

What is a billing file?

A billing file is a virtual unit that in most cases (and with functionality corresponding to Mobile Photo Kiosk V2) is identical to the uploaded physical file. With the further development of Mobile Photo Kiosk, additional services will be introduced, such as newsletter distribution, which will be ‘paid for’ with billing files.

Product nameNumber of filesNumber of billing files
Product without a photo1 piece=  1 billing file* 
Product with photos that do not require processing (simple file transfer)1 file per product= 1 billing file* 
Product dimensions max 15x20 cm @ 360 dpi 1 file per product= 1 billing file* 
Product dimensions max 30x40 cm @ 360 dpi 1 file per product= 2 billing files* 
Product dimensions max 50x60 cm @ 360 dpi 1 file per product= 3 billing files* 
Larger size/density product 1 file per product= 4 billing files* 

*Regardless of the number of copies of the same product ordered.

Learn more

Here you can find Mobile Photo Kiosk blog and answers to the most common questions.

Mobile Photo Kiosk Expert Blog

Improve your knowledge and skills in operating your Mobile Photo Kiosk shop. Stay up to date with the latest news!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find answers to the most common questions.
  • > What does the shop website positioning look like?

    The Mobile Photo Kiosk shop is a sales (transactional) platform that runs as an application in the customer’s browser window (WebAssebly Technology).
    The shop’s website with its offer cannot be positioned directly because it is not a classic website.

    We will position the home page

  • > Are failed orders deducted from files or only those that physically arrived in our shop?

    Orders started but not completed do not affect file consumption (they are not deducted).

    Only orders that have been fully placed and are visible in the order list in the admin panel (including those with failed payment status) are charged for file usage. However, if you cancel the order for some reason (e.g. the customer calls to cancel), there is no reversal of file usage.

  • > Is it possible to view the file usage history somewhere, and not just how many files are left?

    Yes, the full story is available in two levels. Each order contains information on how many files it has used. Additionally, in the Subscription menu there is a History ] button with a full history of charges and top-ups to the account.

  • > Does the shop have a dark mode?

    Unfortunately not at the moment. Maybe someday, when there are no more urgent topics.

  • > Will existing QR codes work?

    Yes, they work normally.

  • > Will the system generate e.g. a ready-to-print PDF with a calendar, or will I still receive 12 photos?

    At this point it will still be 12 or 13 photos (depending on the product definition).

    In the future, we want to introduce a more advanced editor in which you will be able to define the template of a given calendar/book and receive a document with typesetting for printing. However, it requires huge investments and time to create such functionality.

  • > When will you introduce a ready-made wizard for creating e.g. a photo book?

    We have such plans and would like our platform to develop in this direction.

    However, at this stage we are unable to provide an exact date. Much will depend on the popularity and profitability of the V3 platform, as the wizard’s functionality requires huge investments in software development.

  • > Can a customer combine an order from two devices?

    Yes, this is one of the new features in V3. You can start the order on one phone, continue on another, and then add photos from your home computer. The logged-in user maintains not only the “basket”, but also a specific repository of photos used in the order. This allows you, for example, to add photos on your phone and then – while continuing to work on your computer – order other products using previously loaded photos from your phone.