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ID Photos - What is it?

ID Photos Pro 8 it’s a professional software designed for quick and automatic ID photos processing (e.g. Passport, Visa etc.) in compliance with ICAO and local regulations.

Built-in database with over 280 ID formats for more than 87 countries puts ID Photos Pro 8 at the top of its class.

Did you know that …

Unlike typical photo editing software, ID Photos Pro 8 has been developed especially for passport and ID photography. This is why it’s one of the fastest and most precise tool on the market today. Only 10 seconds are needed from loading an image, its verification process and the final print.

ID Photos Pro 8 takes full advantage of our proprietary algorithms to automatically detect all relevant facial biometrics. In addition ID Photos instantly aligns and crops the image to fit local passport requirements. It detects potential issues such as mouth expression, sunglasses, reflections and much more.

ID Photos Pro 8 wizard leads the operator through 4 simple steps to perfect passport photos. For each formats, requirements are shown by giving tips as to how the photo should be taken (e.g. against what background, head view, facial expression). Thanks to this, anyone is able to make ID photo, even for the most exotic countries.


Years on market


Supported formats for more than 98 countries


Installations worldwide

Smart features

ID Photos Pro 8 is equipped with a wide range of features making working with photos fast and easy.

Certificate of compliance

ID Photos prints a Certificate of Compliance with ICAO standards as well as a Confirmation for the ePhoto format.

Compatible with all printers

The software operates with all type of printers. It allows also for seamless page export to digital minilabs.

Biometric algorithms

Automated facial & biometrics features detection currently in its 2nd generation. Our fast and accurate features detection allows you to automatically process multiple photos.

Statistics and job log

A comprehensive reporting function allows you to closely monitor vital statistics such as number of prints, exports, CD/DVD burns. A detailed Job Log of operator activities is also included.

French ePhoto format

ID Photos Pro 8 is one of the few software approved for France’s National ePhoto Program. Operates with Wacom tablets to capture the signature required in the ePhoto application process. The ePhoto feature requires an additional GIE registration fee (payment and activation through Tetenal sarl).

Photos archive

Automated archiving feature takes care of keeping all photos together. The search engine allows the Operator to find photos via customer name or date taken.

Page layout templates

The software comes with over 60 ready-to-use templates. GUI editor for additional customizations such as pictures layout, additional texts, company logo, etc.

CD/DVD Burn, Export, Email

Direct exporting of the processed photo to a file, CD/DVD burns as well as e-mail transfer to your customer.

Monitor and printer calibrations

ID Photos takes full advantage of Windows Color Management. Supports both manual corrections and ICC profiling with print colors “soft proofing”.

WiFi cameras

WiFi and Watched Folder allows you to work with wireless cameras and instantly provides a photo on-screen preview.

Prompt retouch

Built-in, easy-to-use photo retouch function comes with a clone stamp as well as make-up and local adjustment tools. Integration with external software such as Photoshop is also available.

Background enhancement

ID Photos can adjust the background luminosity and uniformity by automatically isolating the head and body from its surroundings.

GDPR Compliance

As from version 8.3, ID Photos Pro gained new functions supporting GDPR compliance, including dedicated GDPR Assistant. Assistant regularly controls and recommends optimal software security settings.

ID Photos Pro is a locally installed software. It does not automatically send photos and process images for the purpose of identifying a natural person. Furthermore, it does not record the so called biometric points. Using ID Photos Pro is secure and does not require obtaining customer’s consent to use it to process his photos. With settings recommended by the GDPR Assistant, it is fully compliant with the provisions of the Regulation.


Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage (SCS) is the new GDPR-compliant service dedicated to ID Photos Pro*, for a quick transfer of all ID formats to the client. It allows to avoid definitely less secure and disputable, in terms of GDPR, options like sending photos via email or saving them on pen drives or CDs.

Sending a photo to SCS generates a unique secure Photo Code with which the client can download their image on their own computer or even smartphone.

In addition, SCS can deliver a UK ePassport format with the so called ”Photo Code”, allowing to apply for a British passport directly on the government page

* Additionaly paid service

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Here you can find relevant technical information: supported ID formats list, hardware requirements and history of released updates.

  • Supported ID formats
  • What's new
  • Hardware requirements
  • Change Log


  • Passport (40x45 mm)
  • Passport (50x50 mm)
  • Visa (34x40 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (40x50 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (40x40 mm)
  • Visa (40x40 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • ASIC (40x50 mm)
  • Bus & Taxi License (65x65 mm)
  • Child's Passport (under 3) (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Permanent Residence Card (ImmiCard) (1200x1600 px)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • ePassport (413x531 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Visa (30x40 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) (207x266 px)


  • Child's passport (photo of a parent) (25x30 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (40x50 mm)
  • Passport (45x55 mm)
  • Visa (480x615 px)
  • Visa [~RU] (37x37 mm)
  • Visa [~RU] (35x45 mm)
  • Visa [RU] (30x40 mm)


  • Passport (40x50 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Child's Passport (under 6) (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Enterprise ID Card (20x20 mm)
  • eVisa (413x531 px)
  • ID Card (30x40 mm)
  • Passport (30x40 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (50x70 mm)
  • Social Club ID Card (20x20 mm)
  • Visa (30x40 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (400x600 px)
  • Visa [FR] (40x60 mm)


  • Passport [NL] (40x40 mm)
  • Passport [NL] (40x50 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Citizenship (50x70 mm)
  • Firearm License (45x57 mm)
  • International Experience Canada (Work Permit) (827x1063 px)
  • Passport (1200x1800 px)
  • Passport [~FR] (50x70 mm)
  • Passport [FR] (50x70 mm)
  • Permanent Residence Card (50x70 mm)
  • Permanent Residence Card (2000x2800 px)
  • Personnel Screening (43x54 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (420x540 px)
  • Visa [NL] (50x70 mm)


  • Passport (45x45 mm)


  • Driving License (22x33 mm)
  • Passport (33x48 mm)
  • Passport (420x560 px)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (33x48 mm)
  • Visa (420x560 px)


  • Passport (40x50 mm)
  • Visa (600x800 px)


  • Driving License (30x35 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (45x45 mm)


  • Passport (40x50 mm)


  • Driving License (35x45 mm)
  • ID Card (35x45 mm)
  • ID Card (614x803 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (50x50 mm)


  • Job Application (45x60 mm)
  • Job Application (60x90 mm)
  • Job Application (89x127 mm)
  • Job Application (450x600 px)
  • Job Application (600x900 px)
  • Job Application (890x1270 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Travel Card (544x700 px)

Dominican Republic

  • Passport (900x900 px)
  • Visa (40x50 mm)


  • Passport (40x60 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Child's Passport (under 11) (40x50 mm)
  • ID Card (40x50 mm)
  • Passport (40x50 mm)
  • Passport (1300x1600 px)


  • eVisa (600x800 px)
  • ID Card (30x40 mm)
  • Passport (30x40 mm)
  • Visa (30x40 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Child's Passport (under 11) (36x47 mm)
  • Passport (36x47 mm)
  • Passport (500x653 px)
  • Valttikortti (600x800 px)
  • Visa (36x47 mm)


  • Carte BTP (360x468 px)
  • Carte Circulation Militaire (24x32 mm)
  • Carte Professionnelle Militaire (24x32 mm)
  • Carte SNCF (24x32 mm)
  • Carte Vitale (35x45 mm)
  • Carte Vitale Numerique (827x1063 px)
  • Child's Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Demande de nationalité française (35x45 mm)
  • ePhoto - Driving License 35x45 (414x532 px)
  • ePhoto - Titre de séjours enfants étrangers (414x532 px)
  • ePhoto - Titre de séjours étrangers (414x532 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Student ID Card (20x25 mm)
  • Work Holiday Visa (PVT) (35x45 mm)

Free Style

  • Free Style (15x24 mm)
  • Free Style (18x24 mm)
  • Free Style (20x30 mm)
  • Free Style (24x26 mm)
  • Free Style (25x25 mm)
  • Free Style (30x30 mm)
  • Free Style (35x45 mm)
  • Free Style (50x40 mm)
  • Free Style (40x50 mm)
  • Free Style (45x60 mm)
  • Free Style (50x70 mm)
  • Free Style (60x60 mm)
  • Free Style (70x90 mm)
  • Free Style (89x127 mm)
  • Free Style (102x152 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (40x50 mm)
  • Visa (472x610 px)


  • AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) (30x40 mm)
  • AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) (35x45 mm)
  • AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) (320x411 px)
  • Chainsaw Operator (35x45 mm)
  • Child's Passport (under 10) (35x45 mm)
  • Child's Passport (under 6) (35x45 mm)
  • Driving License (35x45 mm)
  • Forklift Operator (35x45 mm)
  • Heavy Equipment Operator (35x45 mm)
  • ID Card (35x45 mm)
  • Job Application (40x50 mm)
  • Job Application (40x55 mm)
  • Job Application (43x55 mm)
  • Job Application (40x60 mm)
  • Job Application (50x50 mm)
  • Job Application (60x45 mm)
  • Job Application (45x60 mm)
  • Job Application (50x70 mm)
  • Job Application (50x75 mm)
  • Job Application (50x80 mm)
  • Job Application (60x80 mm)
  • Job Application (60x90 mm)
  • Job Application (90x60 mm)
  • Job Application (70x100 mm)
  • Job Application (70x110 mm)
  • Job Application (127x89 mm)
  • Other ID Cards (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Visa (600x600 px)


  • Driving License (40x60 mm)
  • Ex Patriot (Omogenis) Card (27x29 mm)
  • ID Card (36x36 mm)
  • Military ID Card A (25x25 mm)
  • Military ID Card B (30x30 mm)
  • Military ID Card C (35x45 mm)
  • Military ID Card D (60x90 mm)
  • MyPhoto (1280x1600 px)
  • Passport (40x60 mm)
  • Speedboat License (450x522 px)
  • Student ID Card (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (30x40 mm)
  • Visa (30x40 mm)

Hong Kong

  • Passport (40x50 mm)
  • Passport (1200x1600 px)
  • Visa (1200x1600 px)


  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Bohra ITS Card (295x354 px)
  • OCI (51x51 mm)
  • OCI (600x600 px)
  • Passport (35x35 mm)
  • Passport (40x40 mm)
  • Passport (50x50 mm)
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) (25x35 mm)
  • Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) Card (35x35 mm)
  • Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) Card (50x50 mm)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PPC) (50x50 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (50x50 mm)
  • Visa (350x350 px)


  • Visa (400x600 px)


  • Passport (400x600 px)
  • Passport (embassy in Washington) (2x2 in)
  • Passport [~NL,AU] (30x40 mm)
  • Passport [AU] (40x60 mm)
  • Passport [NL] (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (400x600 px)
  • Visa [~NL] (30x40 mm)
  • Visa [NL] (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (50x50 mm)
  • Visa (50x50 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (715x951 px)
  • Public Services Card (450x600 px)
  • Side profile ID (50x50 mm)
  • Taxi License (70x100 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (2x2 in)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (2x2 in)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • eID (35x45 mm)
  • eID (551x709 px)
  • ID Card (35x40 mm)
  • ID Card (Switzerland, Canada) (30x40 mm)
  • Passport (35x40 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (Switzerland, Canada) (30x40 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Alien Registration (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (45x45 mm)
  • Work Permit (30x40 mm)


  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Visa (55x55 mm)
  • Visa (207x207 px)
  • Visa (500x500 px)


  • Visa (40x60 mm)


  • eVisa (152x227 px)
  • Passport (40x60 mm)
  • Visa (50x50 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (44x51 mm)
  • Passport (693x803 px)
  • Visa (44x51 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Child's Passport (40x60 mm)
  • ID Card (40x60 mm)
  • Passport [~DE] (40x60 mm)
  • Passport [DE] (40x60 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • eVisa (413x591 px)
  • Passport (35x50 mm)
  • Restricted Passport to Brunei Darussalam (35x50 mm)
  • Student Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Student Visa (217x280 px)
  • Visa (35x50 mm)
  • Work Permit (99x142 px)


  • Passport (30x40 mm)


  • Filiación (35x50 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Student ID Card (35x45 mm)
  • Titulo (60x90 mm)
  • Visa (31x39 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • ID Card (30x40 mm)
  • ID Card (100x150 mm)
  • Passport (100x150 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • ID Card (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (30x40 mm)

Myanmar (Burma)

  • eVisa (898x1087 px)
  • Myanmar Visa On Arrival (MVOA) (35x45 mm)
  • Myanmar Visa On Arrival (MVOA) (800x1200 px)


  • Visa (450x450 px)


  • Child's Passport (under 11) (35x45 mm)
  • Driving License (beta) (35x45 mm)
  • Pasfoto-organisatie (1802x2316 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)

New Zealand

  • Child's Passport (under 12) (35x45 mm)
  • Child's Passport (under 12) (1800x2400 px)
  • Driving License (35x45 mm)
  • Firearm License (35x45 mm)
  • Firearm License (1800x2400 px)
  • KIWI ACCESS (18+) Card (Evidence of Age) (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (1800x2400 px)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (1500x2000 px)


  • eVisa (600x600 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (40x60 mm)
  • Visa (40x60 mm)


  • eVisa (413x531 px)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (Dutch embassy) (35x45 mm)


  • Visa (35x45 mm)

Papua New Guinea

  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (embassy in Canada) (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Child's ID Card (under 11) (35x45 mm)
  • Child's ID Card (under 12) (492x633 px)
  • Child's ID Card (under 12) (HQ) (827x1063 px)
  • Child's ID Card (under 5) (35x45 mm)
  • Child's ID Card (under 5) (492x633 px)
  • Child's ID Card (under 5) (HQ) (827x1063 px)
  • Child's Passport (under 11) (35x45 mm)
  • Child's Passport (under 12) (781x1004 px)
  • Child's Passport (under 5) (35x45 mm)
  • Child's Passport (under 5) (781x1004 px)
  • ID Card (35x45 mm)
  • ID Card (492x633 px)
  • ID Card (HQ) (827x1063 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Zdjęcie biznesowe (200x300 mm)


  • ID Card (32x32 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Visa (38x48 mm)


  • ADR Certificate (A.R.R.) (25x32 mm)
  • ID Card (30x40 mm)
  • ID Card (30x47 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Domestic Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Driving License (30x40 mm)
  • eVisa (620x797 px)
  • ID card for retired persons (30x40 mm)
  • International Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Medical License (30x40 mm)
  • Other ID Cards A (35x45 mm)
  • Other ID Cards B (30x40 mm)
  • Pass Card (30x40 mm)
  • Soldier ID card (30x40 mm)
  • Student ID Card (30x40 mm)
  • Temporary Registration (30x40 mm)
  • Visa (30x40 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (Embassy in Minsk) [RU] (40x50 mm)
  • Visa (Embassy In Sydney) [EN] (35x45 mm)

Saint Lucia

  • Passport (38x50 mm)

Saudi Arabia

  • eVisa (200x200 px)
  • Passport (40x60 mm)
  • Visa (2x2 in)
  • Visa [~NL] (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • ID Card (50x50 mm)
  • Military ID Card (30x35 mm)
  • Passport (50x50 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (400x514 px)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)

South Africa

  • ID Card (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)

South Korea

  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • ID Card (DNI) (26x32 mm)
  • Passport (26x32 mm)
  • Passport (embassy Dusseldorf, Manila) (30x40 mm)
  • Passport (embassy in Berlin) (40x53 mm)
  • Passport (embassy in Zürich) (35x40 mm)

Sri Lanka

  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Visa (30x40 mm)


  • Driving License (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Child's Passport (under 11) (35x45 mm)
  • ID Card (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (1440x1980 px)


  • Passport (40x40 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • eVisa (600x600 px)
  • Passport (40x45 mm)
  • Passport (472x531 px)


  • eVisa (620x797 px)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (40x60 mm)
  • Visa (ThailandElite Agent) (600x600 px)
  • Work Permit (50x60 mm)

Trinidad and Tobago

  • Passport (31x41 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (50x50 mm)
  • Passport (45x60 mm)
  • Passport (50x60 mm)
  • Visa (50x50 mm)


  • Passport (2x1,5 in)


  • Passport (35x45 mm)


  • Domestic Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Driving License (35x45 mm)
  • Driving License (354x472 px)
  • International Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Passport (additional photo) (100x150 mm)
  • Residence Card (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)

United Arab Emirates

  • Visa (43x55 mm)
  • Visa (508x650 px)

United Kingdom

  • Child's ePassport (under 1) (600x770 px)
  • Child's ePassport (under 6) (600x770 px)
  • Child's Passport (under 1) (35x45 mm)
  • Child's Passport (under 6) (35x45 mm)
  • Construction Skills Register (300x350 px)
  • Driving License (35x45 mm)
  • ePassport (600x770 px)
  • Firearm License (600x770 px)
  • Passport (35x45 mm)
  • Visa (35x45 mm)

United Nations

  • Laissez-Passer (2x2 in)

United States

  • DV-2025 Lottery (600x600 px)
  • Firearm Owner's ID (FOID) (1,25x1,5 in)
  • Firearm Owner's ID (FOID) [Illinois State] (2x2 in)
  • Firearm Owner's ID (FOID) [Illinois State] (900x900 px)
  • Passport (2x2 in)
  • Passport (900x900 px)
  • PIV Card (27,75x37 mm)
  • Visa (2x2 in)
  • Visa (900x900 px)


  • eVisa (472x709 px)
  • Passport (40x60 mm)
  • Temporary Residence Card (20x30 mm)
  • Visa (40x60 mm)
FeaturesPro 8.8Pro 8.0Pro 7.0Pro 6.0Pro 5.0
Supported ID formats282246201158
Number of steps from opening to printing of photos4455
Automatic biometric analysis
Automatic photo control
Configuration of used printers and papers
Page layout templates✓+
Printing ID photo with a visible mask✓+
Built-in photo retouching tool
Direct burning on CD/DVD
Watched Folder and WiFi folder
Group work with photos
Full-screen photo selection
Built-in photos archive
Monitor and printer calibrations (both manual and ICC)✓+
Background enhancement (64bit Windows)
Statistics and job log
Support for cameras in PTP mode
Modern interface with new icons
Sending photos to e-mail
E-mail compliance with the new RFC standard
White balance correction
Independent correction of blacks, shadows, lights and whites
Certificate of compliance for passport photos
A simplified window for reporting new ID formats
Detection of software damage by viruses
Export of data from the log of prepared photos
Optimization for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Intelligent GDPR Assistant
Secure Cloud Storage Service
Operating System:Pro 8.8Pro 8Pro 7Pro 6Pro 5
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Windows 11

Operating system:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64 bits)
  • Microsoft Windows 11 (32/64 bits)

*The software works on the .NET Framework 4.8 and therefore does not support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

**In case of 32 bit Windows, the Background editor feature may not work correctly due to limitations of a library used to its creation.


  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or higher with SSE2 instructions


  • min. 1024x768px & 24bit


  • min. 5MB - 300MB free disk space - depends on operating system

v. 8.13.1(14.03.2024)

[+] Added formats:
Ireland - Public Services Card - 450x600px
Thailand - eVisa - 620x797px
France - ePhoto - Titre de séjours étrangers (Resident Card)
France - ePhoto - Titre de séjours enfants étrangers (Child's Resident Card)
Australia - Permanent Residence Card (ImmiCard) 1200x1600px
Serbia - Passport 50x50mm
Serbia - Visa 35x45mm
Thailand - Visa (ThailandElite Agent) 600x600px
Tuvalu - Passport 2 x 1½ inches
Dominicana - Passport
Dominicana - Visa 40x50mm
Saudi Arabia - eVisa 200x200px
Mexico - Visa 35x45mm
Tanzania - eVisa 300x300px
Tanzania - Passport 40x45mm
Tanzania - Passport 472x531px
Malaysia - eVisa 413x591px
Malaysia - Student Visa 35x45mm
Malaysia - Sutdent Visa 217x280px
[!] Updated formats
France - Demande de nationalité française 35x45mm
Malaysia - Passport 35x50mm
Malaysia - Visa 35x50mm
[-] Deleted formats
France - ePhoto - Titre de séjour étudiants étrangers 35x45
[+] Canada - Added Certificate of Compliance for 50x70mm passport
[+] Added [Close all tabs] button on main window
[+] Retained the last search term in the format search bar (after closing and reopening the bar)

v. 8.11.2(06.10.2023)

[!] Bugfix for lack of printout after uploading a photo to Pasfoto-Organisation

v. 8.11.1(05.10.2023)

[!] Fixed problem related to the German translation
[+] Netherlands - Pasfoto-Organisation format - added general availability

v. 8.11.0(04.10.2023)

[+] Added formats:
Greece - MyPhoto - 1280x1600px + Signature 1200x400px
Bangladesh - e-Visa - 480x615px
Panama - Visa 35x45mm
[!] Updated formats
United States - DV-Lottery 2025 - 600x600px
Morocco - Passport - 35x45mm (guidelines only)
Morocco - ID Card - 35x45mm (guidelines only)

v. 8.9.1(07.06.2023)

[+] Added formats
Qatar - Visa - 38x48mm
Malaysia - Employment Pass - 99x142px
Indonesia – Visa - 400x600px
United Kingdom - Firearm License - 600x770px
Kyrgyzstan - Visa - 40x60mm
France - Carte Vitale - 35x45mm
France - Carte Vitale Numerique - 827x1063px (35x45 @ 600dpi)
[!] Updated formats
Nigeria - eVisa (digital) (new size)
Brasil - eVisa (digital) (updated guidelines)
Czechia – ID Card (digital) (updated guidelines)
Colombia - Visa (digital) (updated guidelines)
Estonia - Passport (digital) (updated guidelines)
Kambodia - Visa (digital) (updated guidelines)
New Zealand – Passport (digital) (updated guidelines)
New Zealand - Firearm License (digital) (updated guidelines)
[+] Updated email sending module
New, more advanced, configuration of a SMTP mail server
Added support for sending emails to domains with extensions of up to 16 characters
[+] New designation of digital formats - "digital" at the format size
[+] Introduced a security mechanism for a settings file with an option to recover a corrupted file
[+] More space for guidelines, lowering buttons for a larger screen
[+] Removed support for obsolete France ePhoto Api1
[!] Bugfix for several minor problems

v. 8.8.14(16.12.2022)

[+] Update formats
Netherlands - Passport - 35x45mm (updated guidelines)
Netherlands - Visa - 35x45mm (updated guidelines)
[!] New rules for automatic image rotation (Priority for orientation stored in EXIF)
[!] Bugfix for problem of unexpected error message when closing a tab with photo after export to file.

v. 8.8.13(15.12.2022)

[!] France ePhoto - update communication protocol for ePhoto Apiv1.
ATTENTION! ePhoto APIv1 is deprecated for over 1 year and we will finish support for it soon. If you are using Windows 7 please upgrade it immediately and switch to ePhoto APIv2 (for more details please contact Tetenal France).
[!] France ePhoto - update communication protocol for ePhoto Api1.
ATTENTION! ePhoto APIv1 is deprecated for over 1 year and we will finish support for it soon. If you are using Windows 7 please upgrade it immediately and switch to ePhoto APIv2 (for more details please contact Tetenal France).
[+] Updated Dutch translation.

v. 8.8.8(12.08.2022)

[!] Fixed bug in ePhoto functionality (France)
[+] Other changes from version 8.8.7

v. 8.8.7(12.08.2022)

[+] Added formats:
Ireland - Visa - 35x45mm
Netherlands - Visa - 35x45mm
Hungary - Visa - 35x45mm
Italy - Passport - 35x45mm
Armenia - Passport - 35x45mm
Cyprus - Passport - 40x50mm
New Zealand - KIWI ACCESS (18+) Card (Evidence of Age) - 35x45mm
[+] Updated formats:
USA - DV Lottery DV-2024 - 600x600 px
Germany - AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) - 320x411px
Czechia - Passport - 50x50mm
Canada - Passport - 1200x1800px
[-] Deleted formats:
New Zealand - The HANZ (18+) Card (Evidence of Age)
[+] New form to contact support (added attachments and Log file sending in case of a bug report)
[!] Text on ICAO Certificated changed from "Accepted" to "Passed"
[!] Fixed a bug related to Watched Folder configured to remote server

v. 8.8.0(22.11.2021)

[+] Please note - All digital ID formats in pixels can now also be searched by their size in millimeters
[+] Added formats:
Brazil - Passport - 35x45mm
Ethiopia - Passport - 30x40mm
Ethiopia - eVisa - 600x800px (digital version of the 30x40mm ID format)
Ethiopia - ID Card - 30x40mm
Ethiopia - Visa - 30x40mm
Greece - Speedboat License (digital format) - 450x522px
India - Police Clearance Certificate (PPC) - 50x50mm
India - Bohra ITS Card - 295x354px
Iran - Passport (embassy in Washington) - 2x2"
Cuba - Passport - 45x45mm
Laos - Visa - 50x50mm
Laos - Passport - 40x60mm
Laos - eVisa 152x227px (40x60mm)
Malaysia - Restricted Passport to Brunei Darussalam - 35x50mm
Morocco - Visa - 30x40mm
Organization of the United Nations - Laissez-Passer - 2x2" (51x51mm)
Pakistan - Visa - 35x45mm
Pakistan - eVisa - 413x531px
Poland - Child's ID Card (under 12) (HQ) - 827x1063px
Poland - Child's ID Card (under 12) - 492x633px
Poland - Child's ID Card (under 5) (HQ) - 827x1063px
Poland - Child's ID Card (under 5) - 492x633px
Ukraine - Driving License - 35x45mm
Trinidad and Tobago - Passport - 31x41mm
[!] Updated formats:
India - Passport - 50x50mm
India - OCI - 51x51mm
Russia - Visa - 30x40mm
[!] Deleted formats:
[-] Pakistan - Passport - 35x45mm

v. 8.7.7(28.09.2021)

[!] Fixed a problem related to changing a language to English after a software update
[!] Updated French language

v. 8.7.6(27.09.2021)

[+] France - ePhoto support for API2 (account based)
[!] Updated US DV-Lottery format
[!] Updated French language

v. 8.7.3(01.07.2021)

[+] Added formats:
Germany - ID Card 35x45mm
Georgia - Passport 40x50mm
Guyana - Passport 30x40mm
Guyana - Visa 30x40mm
Italy – Passport 30x40mm (Canada, Switzerland)
Italy – ID Card 30x40mm (Canada, Switzerland)
Italy - eID 35x45mm
Italy - eID (digial) 551x709px
New Zealand - Firearms license 35x45mm
New Zealand - Firearms license (digital) 1800x2400px
Palestine - Passport 35x45 mm (Dutch embassy)
Spain - Passport (embassy Berlin) 40x53mm
Spain - Passport (embassy Düsseldorf, Manila) 30x40mm
Sweden - Driving license 35x45mm
UK - Child's Passport (under 6) 35x45mm
UK - Child's Passport (under 1) 35x45mm
UK - Child's ePassport (under 6) 600x770px
UK - Child's ePassport (under 1) 600x770px
[!] Updated formats:
Denmark - Passport 35x45mm
Liechtenstein - Passport 35x45mm
Myanmar - Visa 800x1200px
Myanmar - Visa 35x45mm
Myanmar - eVisa 898x1087px
[-] Deleted formats:
Indonesia - Passport - 35x45mm
Myanmar - Visa 38x46mm
[!] Secure Cloud Storage
UK ePassport - validity limited to 1 month (NOTE! For SCS layouts created or modified by you, you may need to modify them manually to indicate a correct expiration date)
UK ePassport photos available with a new code containing ".uk"
Updated service communication protocol to API3
[!] Updated TeamViewer module for remote support
[!] Fixed a bug related to incorrect sorting of countries on a format list
[!] Improved a search formats by name mechanism
[!] Updated languages:
Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Spanish

v. 8.6.3(07.10.2020)

[!] Fixed a bug related to incorrect year indicated in USA DV-Lottery format

v. 8.6.2(07.10.2020)

[!] Updated formats:
USA - DV Lottery 2022
New Zealand - Passport 35x45mm
Malaysia - Passport 35x50mm
Malaysia - Visa 35x50mm
Switzerland - ID Card 35x45mm
Denmark - Job Application 45x60 mm
Denmark - Job Application 60x90 mm
Denmark - Job Application 89x127 mm
Denmark - Job Application (digital) 450x600px
Denmark - Job Application (digital) 600x900px
Denmark - Job Application (digital) 890x1270px
[!] France - ePhoto:
Added format: ePhoto - Titre de séjour étudiants étrangers
Improvements in a graphic tablet support
Updated prints templates
Removed a usage counter from the ePhoto window
[+] Added Sami language
[!] Updated French language

v. 8.6.0(01.07.2020)

[+] Added formats:
Austria - ePassport 413x533
Afghanistan - Passport 40x45mm
Afghanistan - Passport 50x50mm
Afghanistan - Visa 35x45mm
Afghanistan - Visa 34x40mm
United States - PIV Card 27,75x37mm
Liberia - Passport 44x51mm
Liberia - Passport (digital) 693x803px
Liberia - Visa 44x51mm
Eritrea - Passport 35x45mm
Iran - Passport (digital) 400x600px
Saint Lucia - Passport - 38x50mm
Lithuania - ID Card 40x60mm
Tunisia - Passport 35x45mm
Italy - Passport 30x40mm
Italy - ID Card 30x40mm
Italy - ID Card 35x40mm
Moldavia - ID Card 30x40mm
Moldavia - ID Card 100x150mm
Moldavia - Passport 100x150mm
Moldavia - Visa 35x45mm
Vietnam - eVisa 472x709px
Vietnam - Temporary Residence Card 20x30mm
Nigeria - eVisa 350x450px
Denmark - Travel Card (digital) 544x700px
Denmark - Job Application 60x45mm
Denmark - Job Application 90x60mm
Denmark - Job Application 127x89mm
Denmark - Job Application (digital) 600x450px
Denmark - Job Application (digital) 900x600px
Denmark - Job Application (digital) 1270x890px
-- Free Style 50x40mm (Horizontal)
[!] Updated formats:
Netherlands - Passport 35x45mm (updated guidelines)
Netherlands - Child's Passport 35x45mm (updated guidelines)
China - Passport 33x48mm
China - Passport (digital) 420x560px
China - Visa 33x48mm
China - Visa (digital) 420x560px
Philippines - Passport 35x45mm
Philippines - Visa 35x45mm
[-] Deleted formats:
Italy - Passport 35x45mm
Vietnam - Visa 35x45mm
[!] Updated mailing system to MaileKit v2.7.0 and MimeKit v2.8.0, enabled TLS1.1, TLS1.2 & TLS1.3 authorization
[!] Updated communication protocol to Secure Cloud Storage
[!] Updated communication protocol for feedback and new format reporting

v. 8.5.3(17.10.2019)

[+] Added ID formats:
Ireland - Side profile ID 50x50mm
China - Driving license 22x33mm
France - Carte Professionnelle Militaire 24x32mm
Mongolia - Visa 35x45mm
[!] Updated ID formats:
Poland - Passport 35x45mm
France - ePhoto (new GIE server address)
United States – DV-Lottery (Green Card)
[+] Added Danish language
[+] Added Swedish language
[!] Bug fix for DEMO database of the statistics

v. 8.5.2(01.07.2019)

[+] Added ID format: Russia - eVisa
[+] Corrected a problem of hanging a Fujifilm DE100 printer during alternating printing of vertical and horizontal photos.

v. 8.5.1(25.06.2019)

[+] Added ID formats:
Mongolia - Passport 35x45mm
Brazil - Passport 35x45mm (only in France)
Suriname - Visa 30x40mm
Canada - Visa 35x45m (restored format)
[!] Updated ID formats:
Estonia - Passport (digital format)
Finland - Passport (digital format)
[+] Optimization for large files (over 20Mpx)
[+] Updated german language

v. 8.5.0(08.05.2019)

[!] Update of .NET Framework to the latest 4.8 version which causes:
Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported
Antimalware Scanning for All Assemblies
Dozens improvements and bug fixes
Performance optimizations
High resultion image processing
[+] Added ID formats:
Bangladesh - Passport 35x45mm
Bangladesh - Passport 45x55mm
Bangladesh - Child's passport (photo of a parent) 25x30mm
Bangladesh - Visa 30x40 (only in Russia)
Cambodia - Visa 40x60mm (only in France)
Canada - Passport 35x45mm available also in the Netherlands
Canada - Passport 50x70 with only white background allowed (only in France)
Egypt - Visa 40x60mm
Egypt – Passport 40x60mm
Estonia – Passport (digital format) 1300x1600px
France - Demande de nationnalité française 35x40mm (only in France)
France - SNCF card 24x32mm
France - Carte de circulation militaire 24x32mm
Germany - Job Application 60x45mm
Germany - Job Application 90x60mm
Germany - Job Application 127x89mm
Iran - Visa (digital format) 400x600px
Liechtenstein - Passport 35x45mm
Mexico - Visa 31x39mm
New Zealand - Visa 35x45mm
United Arab Emirates - Visa 43x55mm
United Arab Emirates - Visa (digital format) 508x650px
[+] Updated ID formats:
China – Visa (digital format) 420x560px
China – Visa 35x45mm
Poland - Personal ID card (child under 5) 35x45mm
Poland - Passport (child under 5) 35x45mm
Germany - Passport 35x45mm
Germany - Child's Passport (under 10) 35x45mm
Germany - Child's Passport (under 6) 35x45mm
Ireland - Passport (digital format) 715x951px - White background required!
Egypt - Visa 35x45mm
New Zealand – Passport (digital format) 1800x2400px
[!] Withdrawing the Tethering feature (we recommend to use the free digiCamControl application together with the Watched folder feature in the ID Photos Pro 8 software)

v. 8.4.3(16.11.2018)

[+] Added formats:
Ireland - Taxi 70x100mm
[!] Updated formats:
France - ePhoto - updated communication certificate
[+] New printing layout with 3x 70x100mm photos
[+] Secure Cloud Storage - Printing of 6x8 (15x20) size certificate
[+] Secure Cloud Storage now with optional cutting lines, cutting margin.
[+] MailKit engine updated to version 1.22.0
[!] Fixed bug related to occasional problems in the Background Editor

v. 8.4.2(17.09.2018)

[!] Fixed a bug related to WiFi-Folder functionality (due a bug it was impossible to enable WiFi Folder)
[!] Fixed a bug when ICC file without description field could lead to an error.

v. 8.4.1(03.09.2018)

[+] Added formats:
Spain - Visa 26x32mm
[!] Updated formats:
USA - DV-Lottery 2020
Spain - ID Card 26x32mm
[!] Fixed a bug related to logging into the program (in some cases logging was possible without providing any password).
[+] Secured Photo Storage - reduced time of establishing connecting with the server, speeded up photos uploading.

v. 8.4.0(13.08.2018)

[!] Updated Australian Passport
No glasses allowed (from 1 July 2018)
Camera to subject distance of 1.2 meters minimum
Focal length of 90-130mm used (35mm film equivalent)
[+] New Color Management system powered by LittleCMS engine
Full implementation of ICC specification 4.3
Support for all kinds of V2 and V4 profiles
Black Point Compensation
[!] Fixed problem with showing memory card and/or camera button on some PCs

v. 8.3.1(23.07.2018)

[+] Added formats:
Ukraine - Driving Licence 354x472px
Georgia - Visa 472x610px
Australia - ASIC 40x50mm
Hong Kong - Passport 1200x1600px
Hong Kong - Visa 1200x1600px
Poland - ID Card 35x45mm
Poland - Child's ID Card (Under 11) 35x45mm
Poland - Child's ID Card (Under 5) 35x45mm
Poland - ID Card (digital) 492x633px
Poland - Child's ID Card (Under 11) (digital) 492x633px
Poland - Child's ID Card (Under 5) (digital) 492x633px
Spain - Passport 26x32mm
France - Student Cart 20x25mm
Free Style - 18x24mm
Free Style - 24x26mm
[!] Updated formats:
Brazil - eVisa 413x531px
New Zealand - Passport (digital)
New Zealand - Child Passport (digital)
[-] Deleted formats:
Spain - Passport 30x40mm
[+] Secured Cloud Storage
Updated UK ePassport Online Checker
Updated SCS prints (added format size in a title)
[+] Updated NL translation
[+] Changed inch symbol to abbreviation 'in' in order to avoid special characters in files when exporting or sending a photo to SCS
[!] Fixed a bug related to ICAO Compliance Certificates dedicated for 2x2in photos

v. 8.3.0(27.06.2018)

Major update for GDPR Compliance

[+] Secured Cloud Storage service for quick GDPR-compliant transfer of any digital ID photo to the customer.
[+] Changes regarding GDPR:
GDPR Assistant, which regularly controls and recommends optimal software security settings.
Automatic deletion of photos from the Archive after a configured time.
Automatic deletion of photos from the Repository after a configured time.
Anonymization of statistical data after a configured time.
Password-protected access to the software.
Protection of sensitive functions in the software with a User or Administrator password.
Changed the "Customer Name" field (various places in the software) to the more generic "Order ID".
Updated License Agreement (new GDPR section).
[!] Updated UK ePassport format:
Integrated online validation of photos on HMPO website.
SCS printout with photos that are compliant with the classic passport format (29-34mm head size).
[!] Updated France ePhoto code generator (eliminated ‘O’ and ‘I’ from the code).
[+] Updated format: CH Passport (digital) 1440x1980px.
[+] Updated languages
[+] Spanish language added

v. 8.2.0(20.04.2018)

[!] Updated formats:
New Zealand - Visa (digital) 1500x200px.
UK ePassport (digital) 600x770px
Optional Secured Cloud Storage service that brings the "Photo Code" feature for the UK ePassport.

v. 8.1.2(08.02.2018)

[+] Added formats:
USA - Firearm Owner's ID (FOID)(Illinoise State) 2x2"
USA - Firearm Owner's ID (FOID)(Illinoise State) 900x900px
Switzerland - Passport (digital) 1440x1980px
Russia - Visa (Embassy in Minsk) 40x50mm (Russian language only)
[+] Updated Dutch language.
[+] Updated French language.
[+] Added Russian language.
[!] Bug fix for a problem with default color corrections.

v. 8.1.0(04.02.2018)

[+] Added formats:
India - Visa (Digital) 350x350px
Morocco - Visa 30x40mm (French language only)
Lebanon - Passport 35x45mm
Lebanon - Visa 35x45mm
Fiji - Visa 35x45mm
Ukraine - Residence Card 35x45mm
Bahamas - The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) 35x45mm
Russia - Visa (Embassy in Sydney) 35x45mm (English language only)
Cameroon - Visa 35x45mm
Cameroon - Passport 40x50mm (Dutch language only)
Cameroon - Passport 40x40mm (Dutch language only)
Ghana - Visa (digital format) 600x600px
France - Work Holiday Visa (PVT) 35x45 mm
Canada - International Experience Canada (Work Permit) 827x1063px
[!] Updated formats:
Austria - Passport 35x45 mm
USA - Passport 2x2"
USA - Visa 2x2"
USA - Passport (digital format) 900x900px
USA - Visa (digital format) 900x900px
Fiji - Passport 35x45mm
Lithuania - Passport 40x60mm
Lithuania - Baby Passport 40x60mm
Canada - Visa (digital format) 420x540px
Canada - Visa 35x45mm
[-] Removed formats:
India - Visa (Digital) 600x600px
[+] Reduced application size and faster startup.
[+] Changed "Obsolete" status to more relevant "OutOfDate" in the language translation tool.
[!] Updated messages related to the French ePhoto format.
[!] Updated French ePhoto templates.
[!] Fixed application's icon in a system tray.
[!] Fixed QR codes generated by the application.
[!] Fixed Camera Tethering feature.

v. 8.0.6(03.10.2017)

[+] Added formats:
Finland - Valttikortti 600x800 px
Canada - Citizenship 50x70 mm
[+] Updated formats:
US - DV Lottery 2019
UK - Passport (digital format) BETA
Canada - Passport 50x70 mm
[-] Removed formats:
Canada - Citizenship 35x45 mm

v. 8.0.4(24.08.2017)

[+] Added formats:
Germany - Child's Passport (Under 6) 35x45mm
Romania - ID Card 30x40
Portugal - ID Card 32x32 mm
Saudi Arabia - Visa 2x2"
Latvia - Passport 35x45 mm
Latvia - Visa 35x45 mm
Uganda - Passport 35x45mm
Brazil - Passport 30x40 mm
Brazil - Passport 50x70 mm
Brazil - Visa 30x40 mm
Brazil - Visa (online) 431x531px
Canada - Visa 50x70mm (NL only)
Iran - Passport 35x45mm (NL only)
Iran - Visa 35x45mm (NL only)
Iran - Passport 40x60mm (AU only)
[-] Deleted formats:
Brazil - Passport 35x45 mm
[!] Fixed a bug related to monitor calibration
[!] Updated email engine (MailKit

v. 8.0.3(04.06.2017)

[+] Updated formats:
France – Carte BTP 360x468px
[!] Mail client update (SMTP module):
Fixed bug related to problem with provider
Elevated security level
Automatic negotiation TLS/SSL
Email settings - 'TLS/SSL' option changed to more relevant “Use SSL”.

v. 8.0.2(25.05.2017)

[+] New color corrections:
White balance
Automatic White Balance
Gamma correction renamed to "Brightness"
Tonal correction (highlights, shadows, whites, blacks)
6 customizable color presets
[+] Email compatibility with the new RFC standard
[+] Certificate of compliance ICAO for every passport photo.
[+] Improved Camera Tethering feature (for Canon cameras)
[+] Simplified window for reporting new ID formats
[+] Detecting software corruption by viruses
[+] Windows 10 Anniversary and Windows 10 Creastors optimization
[+] Over 100 minor changes.

v. 7.7.1(14.03.2017)

[!] Fixed bug related to Indian formats
[!] New provider of timestamp certificate that is used to sign our software.

v. 7.7.0(13.03.2017)

[!] A few tweaks to get the software ready for upcoming version Pro 8!
[+] Added formats:
France - Carte BTP (digital format) 413x532px
India - OCI (digital format) 600x600px
Kenya - Visa 55x55 mm
Kenya - Visa 500x500 px
New Zealand - Child's passport (Digital format)
Mexico - Passport 35x45mm
Egypt - Visa 35x45
[!] Updated formats:
US - Visa 2x2"
Russia - Visa 35x45 mm
India - OCI 51x51mm
Fiji - Passport 35x45mm
Pakistan - Passport 35x45mm
Germany - Passport 35x45mm
Germany - Child's Passport 35x45mm
Schengen - Passport 35x45 mm
[-] Deleted formats:
Mexico - Passport 25x30mm
[!] Fixed bug related to export function for Passport and Visa of Iran.

v. 7.6.2(10.10.2016)

[+] Updated all US formats (ATT! Starting November 1, 2016, eye glasses will no longer be allowed):
US - Visa (Digital format)
US - Passport (Digital format)
US - Passport
[+] Added formats:
Algeria - Passport
[!] ePhoto – Fixed bug related to truncated ePhoto number on confirmation prints.

v. 7.6.1(05.10.2016)

[!] Updated format:
Austria - Passport
[!] ePhoto - Fixed bug related to missing ePhoto number on confirmation prints.

v. 7.6.0(03.10.2016)

[+] Updated formats:
US - DV-2018 Lottery
[!] Removed formats (obsolete):
France – Driver’s license 40x40 (replaced with ePhoto)
[+] New features introduced at Photokina 2016:
Certificate of Compliance with ICAO and local regulations for all biometric passports.
Camera Tethering function for Canon (Nikon coming soon)
Option to show/hide face cropping mask on prints.
[+] Layout templates editor:
Option to lock auto-rotation of text container
Preview of content in text field to s during editing
Resizable window
Added option to keep original background size.
[!] Removed layout templates that were duplicated with/without face mask.
[!] Updated libraries from third part companies.
[!] Minor bugs fixed

v. 7.5.2(02.08.2016)

[+] Added formats:
UK - Passport digital (BETA)
Azerbaijan - Visa 30x40 mm
Azerbaijan - Visa 35x45 mm
Germany - Job Application 40x50 mm
Germany - Job Application 43x55 mm
Germany - Job Application 50x50 mm
Colombia - Visa Digital 30x40 @ 508 dpi
Free Style 70x90 mm
[!] Updated formats:
Myanmar (Burma) - Visa (digital)
[!] Minor bug fixes

v. 7.5.1(15.07.2016)

[+] Added format:
Kenya - Visa (digital format) 207x207 px
[!] Updated format:
Fiji - Passport (updated requirements)
[+] More layouts 4-up
[!] Fixed a bug related to problem with showing in the software removable drives and memory cards

v. 7.5.0(18.04.2016)

[+] Added formats:
Iraq - Passport 50x50 mm
Iraq - Visa 50x50 mm
[!] Updated formats:
Argentina - Passport (front face)
Argentina - Visa (front face)
[+] Translation into Arabic-Jordan language.
[+] Configurable step in color corrections (5 as default, like in former versions of the software).
[+] File naming options extended with the keyword (useful for “Export” and “Minilab” printers).
[!] Fixed security leak that allows to get access to printers’ configuration without entering a password (if any was set up in the settings).
[!] Fixed bug related to the Reset button in the Monitor Calibration function.
[!] Protection against unexpected errors that could occur during processing pictures in a group mode.
[!] Fixed bug that rarely occurred when the main window was resized.
[!] Fixed window’s title in the License Activation form.

v. 7.4.0(14.03.2016)

[+] Support for Wacom Signature Tablet (STU series)
[!] Updated French translation

v. 7.3.3(16.02.2016)

[+] Added formats:
Myanmar (Burma) - e-Visa 800x1200px
[!] Updated formats:
Canada - Permanent Resident Card
Canada - Passport
Australia - Passport
France - ePhoto (updated communication certificate)
[!] Updated flag of Spain

v. 7.3.1(15.01.2016)

[+] Added formats:
France - ePhoto
Myanmar (Burma) - Visa 38x46 mm
Myanmar (Burma) - Visa 35x45 mm
Finland - Passport (digital) 500x653px
Israel - Visa 50x50 mm
Israel - Visa 35x45 mm
Canada - Passport (digital) 1200x1600 px
New Zealand - Visa (digial) 1800x2400px
New Zealand - Visa 35x45 mm
New Zealand - Driving License 35x45 mm
[+] Support for ePhoto (France)
Added format "France - ePhoto".
Safe upload a photo and a signature to the GIE server.
Support for Wacom and other pen tables.
Fully customizable receipt templates.
ePhoto requires Windows 7 or later.
[!] Updated formats:
Philippines - Visa
Canada - Passport, Visa and Digital Visa
Australia - Passport
Australia - Children's Passport
[!] Update of the CD Burning library (support for new media types).
[!] Several minor bug fixes

v. 7.2.2(01.10.2015)

[!] Added French translation.
[+] Added formats:
USA - DV Lottery 2017
Turkey - Visa 50x50 mm
[!] Minor bug fixes

v. 7.2.1(07.09.2015)

[+] Added formats:
Italy - Passport 35x40 mm
New Zealand - HANZ 18+ Card 35x45 mm
[!] Bug fix for phenomenon of printing pages without visible photos.

v. 7.2.0(10.08.2015)

[+] Compatibility with Windows 10.
[+] New printing subsystem:
Support for DNP DS-620 with proper usage of media in 6x4xN mode
Color calibration available for any combination of printer and format.
Printer properties configurable and persistant for each format (in former versions the default ones from Windows were in use).
"Print" button starts printing instantly without any additional steps or dialog windows.
Next to the "Print" button the "Printer Properties" button available.
[+] Drag&Drop photo to the page automatically selects the page to print.
[+] Added formats:
Iran - Passport 30x40 mm
Iran - Visa 30x40 mm
Angola - Visa 35x45 mm
Portugal - Passport 35x45 mm
Portugal - Visa 35x45 mm
Pakistan - Passport 35x45 mm
[!] Updated formats:
Cambodia - Visa (digital) 400x600px
[!] Updated user manual.
[!] Fixed bugs:
Bug related to problem with running the Monitor Calibration function in some situations.
Bug related to Watched Folder/WiFi Folder that caused - in some situations - both the freezing of the application and 100% CPU load.
Other small bugs.

v. 7.1.3(14.07.2015)

ID Photos Pro 7
[!] Refreshed User Interface with modern icons and new main Menu
[!] 3th generation of the face detection and auto-biometric system
[!] Reduced quantity of steps in workflow from 5 to 4 (if you don’t want mix different photos on a single page)
[+] Pre-select default print template for passport
[+] Statistics & Job Log for detailed reporting
[+] Background Editor function with automatic background equalization
[+] Kiosk Mode – operate software in full screen
[+] Shut Down PC button with optional password
[+] New printer test compatible with GretagMacbeth/X-Rite ColorChecker
[+] Monitor calibration function (ICC and Manually)
[+] Support for monitors with wide gamut (AdobeRGB)
[+] Support for photo cameras in PTP mode
[+] Full Soft Proofing - Simulating print colors on the screen on every step of workflow
[!] Over 100 other improvements
[+] New formats
United States - Firearm Owner's ID (FOID)
Germany - Forklift Operator
Germany - Forklift Operator
Germany - Chainsaw Operator
Germany - Heavy Equipment Operator
[!] Updated Formats:
China - Passport
China - Visa
Romania - ID Card

v. 6.6.2(19.05.2015)

[+] Added support for Fuji cameras (Fuji PC AutoSave) in the WiFi Folder function
[+] Updated Austrian passport format
[+] Preparation for the upcoming ID Photos Pro 7

v. 6.5.2(29.01.2015)

[+] Added formats:
China - Visa 33x48 mm
[+] Updated formats:
China - Passport 33x48 mm
[+] E-mail function - added support for port 465
[!] Fixed a bug related to "cut margin" in layout editor

v. 6.4.101(17.11.2014)

[+] Added formats:
Philippines - Visa 35x45 mm
[+] Updated formats:
Israel - Passport 35x45 mm
Israel - Passport 2x2"

v. 6.4.59(06.10.2014)

UI Bugfix

v. 6.4.24(01.09.2014)

[+] Added format:
New Zealand - Passport (online application)
[+] Minor changes in page layout editor

v. 6.4.20(28.08.2014)

[+] Added formats:
Argentina - Passport 1.5x1.5"
Argentina - Visa 40x40 mm
India - Permanent Account Number (PAN) 25x35mm
Spain - Passport 35x40 mm (embassy in Zürich)
Czech - Passport 50x50 mm (embassy in Bern)
[!] Updated formats:
Spain - Passport
Spain - Visa
Spain - ID Card
Australia - Passport
Australia - Child's Passport
[+] Added function to refresh a license on a USB Dongle Key
[!] Fixed bug related to sending emails without attachments (Windows XP)
[!] Fixed bug related to Selective Adjustment Tool in a retouch function.

v. 6.3.110(28.05.2014)

[+] Extended functionality of page layouts:
- Forced order of the contents as: 1. photos, 2. additional images, 3. texts
- Support for picture with transparent background (PNG) in image container
[!] Fixed bug related to missing content of the text containers on printouts
[!] Fixed bug related to error that occurred whilst pressing clone button in layout editor
[!] Fixed bug related to missing adjustment brush in retouch window

v. 6.3.101(19.05.2014)

[+] Added formats:
Jamaica - Passport
Singapore - Passport
Singapore - Passport (online application)
Malta - Passport
Free Style - 60x60 mm
[+] Left & right mouse buttons supported on all color correction track-bars.
[+] Extended functionality of the text contener (font, color, text justification)
[!] Fixed bug related to a definition of the page size in inches

v. 6.3.4(11.02.2014)

[+] Updated Spanish translation (100% coverage)
[+] New formats:
Nigeria - Passport 35x45 mm
Nigeria - Visa 35x45 mm
United Kingdom - Driving License 35x45 mm
Germany - Driving License 35x45 mm
Colombia - Passport 40x50 mm
Mexico - Titulo 60x90 mm
Mexico - Filiación 35x50 mm
[!] Updated formats:
Malaysia - Passport 35x50 mm
Malaysia - Visa 35x50 mm
United Kingdom - Passport 35x45 mm
United Kingdom - Visa 35x45 mm
Cambodia - Passport 35x45 mm
[+] Changed button’s title from “Nothing” to “OK” in the “What next?” message after exporting/burning/printing.
[+] Added an option "Next Photo" in the "What next?" message after exporting/printing.
[+] Pre-resize of unreasonably large photos (e.g. from Nikon D800) to max. 3500px length images (just right for printouts up to 30 cm at 300 dpi). Pre-resizing prevents out-of-memory issues and highly improves performance.
[!] Fixed a bug related to not refreshing screen in the layout window after changing color corrections of the photo.
[!] Fixed a bug related to printing B&W face-mask (should be red) for B&W photos.
[!] Fixed a bug related to saving saturation correction.

v. 6.2.0(08.11.2013)

[+] Added formats:
Syria - Passport 40x40 mm
Romania - ADR Certificate
Cambodia - Passport 35x45 mm
Cambodia - Visa 35x45 mm
Cambodia - Visa (online application) 700x900 px
France - Driving License 40x40mm
[+] Support for Windows 8.1
[!] Minor bug fixes

v. 6.1.74(14.10.2013)

[!] Fixed bug related to support for removable drives on Windows XP

v. 6.1.73(13.10.2013)

[+] Added formats:
Germany - AOK Elektronische Gesundheitskarte 30x40 mm
Spain - Visa
[!] Updated formats:
South Africa - Passport
South Africa - Visa
South Africa - ID
United Kingdom - Passport
Spain - Passport
Spain - ID
[!] Fixed bug related to support of read-only files in Watched Folder / Wi-Fi Folder
[!] Fixed bug related to Wi-Fi folder when the software is minimized
[!] Fixed bug related to message "\\Device\.... is unavailable"

v. 6.1.0(01.08.2013)

[+] Added formats:
Kazakhstan - Visa 35x45 mm
Croatia - Driver License 30x35 mm
Finland - Child's Passport (Under 11) 36x47 mm
Fiji - Passport 35x45 mm
Papua New Guinea - Passport 35x45 mm
Saudi Arabia - Passport 40x60 mm
Free Style - 15x24 mm
[!] Updated formats:
Finland - Passport 36x47 mm
Malaysia - Passport 35x50 mm
Malaysia - Visa 35x50 mm
[+] Support for EPSON L800 printer
[!] Watched Folder - faster photo loading, fixed minor bugs
[!] CD/DVD Burn - fixed problem related to burn with too high speed
[!] Fixed bug related to an image container in layout editor
[!] Fixed bug related to a printer settings in layout editor
[!] Fixed bug related to format searching by typing it's name

v. 6.0.82(02.06.2013)

[+] Watched Folder:
support for Nikon Camera Control Pro 2
resistance to broken image files
[!] Improved stability of the software

v. 6.0.48(29.04.2013)

[+] Export, burn on CD/DVD and e-mail with an option that allows you to export a full-size photo or a processed one (cropped).
[+] Fast launching option (keeps the software in the system tray instead of closing it).
[+] Added formats:
Canada - Visa (online application) 420x540 px
Belarus - Passport 40x50 mm
Australia - Visa 35x45 mm
Ukraine - Passport (additional photo) 100x150 mm
USA - DV-2015 Lottery 600x600 px
South Korea - Passport 35x45 mm
Estonia - ID Card 40x50 mm
Malaysia- Visa 35x50 mm
Chile - Passport 35x35 mm
[!] Updated formats:
Canada - Citizenship 35x45 mm
Australia - Passport 35x45 mm
Australia - Child's passport (under 3) 35x45 mm
Ukraine - International passport 35x45 mm
Ukraine - Domestic passport 35x45 mm
Ukraine - Visa 35x45 mm
USA - Passport 2x2"
USA - Passport (online application) 900x900 px
USA - Visa (online application) 900x900 px
[!] Fixed bugs and important changes:
Limit to run only one instance of the application at the same time.
Fixed a bug related to run the software without a visible window.
Changed the system of removable drives' watcher to eliminate the problem of freezing application when CD/DVD is unavailable.
Fixed a bug related to the action selection message box after CD/DVD burning.
Fixed a bug related to sending feedback from the software

v. 6.0.12(24.03.2013)

[+] IdPhotos Pro 6

Even more supported formats
Second Generation of Auto-Biometric System
Fast file loading with instant preview
Fullscreen image preview with three pictures presented side-by-side
Printer Calibration (manual and ICC profiling)
Modern UI (bright and a dark color theme available)
Sending photos via e-mail
Built-in Photo Archive
More details on »

v. 6.0.0(19.02.2013)

First Beta of IdPhotos Pro 6.0

v. 5.4.159(27.01.2013)

[+] "Minus" Button in print layout window (allows decrease number of printouts)
[+] Preparation for incoming major update

v. 5.4.71(31.10.2012)

[+] New formats:
Germany - AOK elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) 35x45 mm - printable
Germany - AOK elektronische Gesundheitskarte (eGK) 135x172 px - for upload
Vietnam - Visa 40x60 mm
India - OCI 51x51 mm (2x2")
Estonia - Passport 40x60 mm
Estonia - Baby Passport 40x60 mm
New Zealand - Passport 35x45 (new template mask) (IdPhotos NZ only)
New Zealand - Passport Baby (Under 12) 35x45 mm (IdPhotos NZ only)

v. 5.4.0(21.08.2012)

[+] Support for new operation systems: Windows 8 and Windows Server 8
[+] Added formats:
China - Passport 33x38 mm
Great Britain - Visa 35x45 mm
India - Visa Online 600x600 px
[-] Removed obsolete formats:
Belarus - Passport 30x40 mm
Belarus - Passport 40x50 mm
Belarus - Visa 30x40 mm
Belarus - Visa 40x50 mm
[!] Bug fixed related to configuration of favorite formats
[!] Bug fixed related to CD/DVD burn window
[!] Length of CD/DVD label limited to 16 characters (standard of CD)
[+] New system of auto-updates

v. 5.3.121(29.06.2012)

[+] Added formats:
Israel - Paszport 35x34 mm
Israel - Paszport 40x45 mm
Oman - Paszport 40x60 mm
Oman - Visa 40x60 mm
[!] Minor bugs fixed

v. 5.3.49(18.04.2012)

[+] Added formats:
Belarus - Passport 35x45 mm
Belarus - Passport 40x50 mm
Belarus - Visa 35x45 mm
Belarus - Visa 40x50 mm
Bangladesh - Passport 40x50 mm
Bangladesh - Visa 37x37 mm
Bangladesh - Visa 35x45 mm
Wietnam - Visa 35x45 mm
Albania - Passport 40x50 mm
Greece - Driver License 40x60 mm
Czech Republic - ID Card (Digital) 614x803 px
[!] Updated formats:
USA - Passport
USA - Visa
Czech Republic - ID Card
[!] Minor bugs fixed

v. 5.3.27(27.03.2012)

[!] Bug fixed related to configuration of a new printer in the software
[!] Bug fixed related to reset printer settings

v. 5.3.5(05.03.2012)

[+] Support for a licensing model with dongle key
[+] Minor changes in requirements for Dutch passport
[+] Manual photo rotation if face is not automatically recognized
[!] Bug fixed related to unexpected termination of application in case of error

v. 5.2.24(16.02.2012)

[!] Improvements in face width (ears) detection (increased head size on photos in Dutch formats).
[!] Bug fixed related to losing "formats list" settings after a software update

v. 5.2.22(14.02.2012)

[+] Added formats:
Lithuania - Passport
Lithuania - Baby Passport
[!] Major changes in:
Netherlands - Passport
Netherlands - Baby Passport
[+] Small improvements in face measuring component
[!] Minor bugs fixed

v. 5.2.2(25.01.2012)

[+] Added formats:
Saudi Arabia - Visa
Malaysia - Passport
Ukraine - International Passport
Ukraine - Domestic Passport
Ukraine - Visa
Russia - Visa
Free Style 50x70 mm
[+] Password protection for the settings window
[+] Backup & Restore of settings and layouts
[+] Default settings for CD/DVD burn
[+] CD/DVD burn simple mode
[!] Layout editor - new size 2x2" of photo container available (fit for USA Visa/Passport)
[!] Minor bug fixed

v. 5.1.37(08.12.2011)

[!] Update for SNF Passfoto-Service
[!] Protection against errors in cases when there is no access to a printer

v. 5.1.16(17.11.2011)

[!] Bug fix related to sending photo to SNF Passfoto-Service

v. 5.1.14(15.11.2011)

[+] Completely new window of selecting an ID photo type (fully configurable)
[+] Adjusting the software to operate with touchscreens
[+] Added formats:
SNF Passfoto-Service – with auto upload to the service
India Passport
Vietnam Passport
[!] Minor bug fixed

v. 5.0.212(29.09.2011)

[!] Added format: US DV-Lottery 2013
[!] Added format: CA Personnel Screening
[!] Updated Spanish translation

v. 5.0.187(04.09.2011)

[!] Updated format: FR Passport
[+] Added format: FR Baby Passport
[!] Updated French translation

v. 5.0.178(26.08.2011)

[+] More options to control picture orientation (auto-rotate settings)
[!] Updated German translation
[!] Updated Dutch translation
[!] Updated Finnish translation
[!] Minor bug fixed

v. 5.0.168(16.08.2011)

[+] Options to control picture auto-rotation
[+] Margin for cut apply also for a gift photo (in flexible frame)
[+] Many minor improvements
[!] Minor bug fixed

v. 5.0.163(11.08.2011)

[!] Compatibility update with .NET Framework 4.0

v. 5.0.160(08.08.2011)

[+] Added format: GB Construction Skills Register
[+] Added format: HK Passport
[!] Improvements in the Dutch translation
[!] Minor bugs fixed

v. 5.0.141(20.07.2011)

[+] Added language: English (United Kingdom)
[+] "Passport" set as default ID type after installation
[+] Build-in retouch: Remembering the last used tool
[!] Fixed bug with a page background color on printouts

v. 5.0.133(12.07.2011)

[!] First release of ver. 5.1

v. 4.0.16(13.05.2011)

Lastest version of IdPhotos Pro 4.

v. 3.7.0(05.10.2009)

Latest version of IdPhotos 2008.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

More technical details about ID Photos software can be found in our FAQ.

Subscription for updates & support

ID Photos Pro 8 license comes with a one year* Subscription for free technical support and software updates.

The Subscription can easily be renewed yet optional. Every license we provide is perpetual – your product will never stop working unless you install a version that has been released after your Subscription has expired.

If your Subscription is expired you can no longer download and install updates. We recommend to keep your system updated to the latest version at all times because we regularly introduce bug fixes, new ID formats and new features.

* In our offer you can also find ID Photos Pro 8 software with 2 or 3 years Subscriptions.