regarding cookies used by

I. What is a “cookie”

Cookies are single, small text files sent during your visit on websites and stored on your computer. Information in these files are readable only by the website that created them. Thus, this website has no access to other files stored on your computer.

II. Why do we use cookies on website

Cookies used by website enable us to measure User interactions in the Service.
Cookies are used to adjust and improve the functioning of the Service. They also enable measuring effectiveness of operations performed in the Service.

Additionally, cookies allow us to survey Clients’ preferences in order to improve the quality of services provided by the Service Administrator.

For example website uses cookies to:
1. Conduct surveys to study user preferences;
2. Measure effectiveness (conversion tracking) of activities promoting the Service, for example in Google ad network, partner programs, affiliation networks);
3. Initiate, maintain and manage user session, and remember user’s language preferences and other settings on Service websites;
4. Verify identity of users who engage in transactions in the system;
5. Maintain and manage Basket content in the Shop section.

III. What cookies do we use?

Two types of cookies can be used by the
1. session cookies — these files are stored on user’s device until the session on the website is over or to the moment of closing the Software (closing a browser);
2. persistent cookies — they stay in user’s device for a period determined in cookie parameters or until they are manually removed by the user.

IV. Can you opt-out from accepting cookies?

Cookies are stored and sent by web browsers, and these operations are invisible to the user. Most of web browsers accept cookies by default. However, you may set your browser to reject requests to store all or selected cookies. This can be done by adjusting your browser settings. Before you decide to change the default settings, please remember that many cookies help to improve the comfort of using our website. Disabling cookies may affect the way our website will display in your browser.

V. What are the consequences of refusing to use cookies?

Refusing to use cookies in the Service prevents the use of some Service resources and functionalities, for example, placing orders in the Shop section.