Build your own ultimate drylab with any printer!

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Ultimate drylab software

Build your own ultimate drylab with any printer!

  • Squeeze as much as you can out of your printer
  • Work on the level of a professional drylab but for a fraction of the price
  • Extend functionality beyond the capabilities of your printer driver
  • Control ink levels, media counters, total prints and more

Beyond your printer driver

DLS provides functionalities that can’t be found in standard printer drivers, like precise alignment for perfect borders. Thanks to native support for particular printers it also unlocks features normally not available, like extended status control and panoramas for Citizen and DNP printers.

Instant corrections & prints

DLS is designed for the quick processing and high-volume printing of photos with minimal effort. Seamless instant color corrections and limitless cropping on single photos or whole groups makes DLS a perfect everyday solution. Ideal for use in photo laboratories as well as studio shoots.

Continuous workflow

DLS’s edits are non-destructive. You can recall photos from the built-in archive, change corrections and manipulate photos as many times as you need. All operations are performed without modifying the original file. In this manner DLS is similar to RAW editing software.

Tailored to your needs

3 versions for different needs.


This essential version is for users that would like to take full advantage of their printers and get the speed and comfort of work comparable to a professional drylab.

  • Dedicated to a single printer.
  • Prints up to: 21x30 cm (A4).


Our bestseller! Now with native support for selected printers that allows users to unlock completely new functionalities.

  • Dedicated to a single printer
  • Prints up to: 100 cm paper length
  • Optimization for high resolution InkJet printers
  • Native support for Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100, Epson SureLab SL-D700, all Citizen and DNP printers
  • Ink levels, current state, media counters, total prints and more
  • Panorama for DNP DS620 and Citizen CX-02
  • Hot folder feature with optional overlay frames


The most developed version, which supports multiple local and network printers at the same time. Capable of grouping different printers into a virtual single unit to accelerate the speed of printing.

  • All features included in the Standard version
  • Up to 8 local or network printers
  • Up to 9 graphic stations
  • Automatic print-job splitting between multiple printers of the same model
  • Support for non-Windows devices like digital minilabs
  • Output to file with a customizable system of file naming and folder structuring

Key Features

DryLab System is equipped with a number of features that help you go through the processing of a group of photos in a quick manner. Meet the most important of them.


Instant color corrections: Y, M, C, D as well as saturation, gamma, contrast, sharpness and levels


Stepless cropping and rotation for seamless image alignment


Automatic corrections for brightness and contrast. Optional Color Science I2E advanced plugin


Overlay frames, customizable borders and colored backgrounds


Multiple printing modes: single picture, index print, timestamping and panoramas


Automatic order archiving on up to 1000 orders in a non-destructive editing workflow


Color management with support for all kinds of V2 and V4 ICC profiles including embedded ones and soft proofing on the screen

Bitmap in DryLabSystem_2016ENG.cdrFb

Precise printer alignment and DPI control guarantee perfect borders, accurate image cropping and smooth photo edges


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Here you can find all relevant technical information: comparing the current version with previous ones, hardware requirements and history of released updates.

  • Hardware Requirements
  • Change Log


  • Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (32/64 bits)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64 bits)


  • Intel Pentium® 2 GHz with SSE2 instructions


  • min. 1024x768px & 24bit


  • min. 200 MB free space during installation.

v. 5.2.1(24.01.2018)

[!] Update of the i2e activation process

v. 5.2.0(19.06.2017)

[!] Improvement of HotFolder feature
[!] Minor bug fixed

v. 5.1.2(28.11.2016)

[+] Added option for quick corrections available from the keypad. Correspondingly buttons:
1,2,3 - gamma (plus, zero, minus)
4,5,6 - contrast (plus, zero, minus)
7,8,9 - saturation (plus, zero, minus)

v. 5.1.0(18.09.2016)

[+] Support for asymmetric resolutions e.g. 300x600 or 720x1440
[+] Possibility to print a Timestamp based on EXIF information
[+] Sent quantities are now kept in Archive

v. 5.0.3(08.09.2016)

[!] Bugfix for A4 format printing in Printer version
[!] Bugfix for group's definition in Printer+ version

v. 5.0.0(22.02.2016)

[+] Definition of printers and formats has been changed:
Printer visible in the software is matched 1:1 with the physical printer registered in the OS.
During adding a format the software make a copy of all printer settings for this format set up in the printer's driver.
[+] Additional processing optimization for InkJet printers.
[+] Additional print job summary as an order separator.
[+] DryLab as a“Virtual device” definition has been moved into the software configuration.
[+] New printing processor with new methods of optimization.
[+] ICC profiles have been moved into the Format adding part.
[+] Seamless printing multiple formats from one media.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

More technical details about DryLab System can be found in our FAQ.

Demo version

You’re not sure if DryLab System will meet your requirements and handle your printer? Download a free, time-unlimited and fully functional Demo version*. Test all the features offered by the software and dispel all doubts.

* Please bear in mind that the Demo version inserts a watermark in all printouts.