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General Questions and Licensing
General Questions and Licensing


  • 1. I lost the USB Dongle Key of my software. Can I get a duplicate?

    No. Issuing a duplicate of an USB Dongle Key is not possible. In the event that a USB Dongle Key is lost or stolen, this is equivalent to losing the license for the Software and consequently the cost to replace the license(s) equals the current purchase price of the Software..

  • 2. My USB Dongle Key has been mechanically damaged. Can I buy a new one?

    Yes. A damaged USB Dongle Key can be replaced for an indicated by Pixel-Tech charge, in 1 for 1 mode (i.e. returning a damaged USB Dongle Key enables the replacing by a new USB Dongle Key).


  • 1. What is a Subscription for updates and technical support?

    Subscription is a guarantee of free access to all updates and all future versions of the software, which will be published during the course of the Subscription. Subscription also gives you a free access to a full and professional support in case of any problems with the software (including remote connecting to the customer’s PC).


  • 1. What contain updates for the software?

    Updates for the ID Photos software introduce new ID formats, update ID formats that have changed, introduce new features into the software. 

ID Photos Pro 8
ID Photos Pro 8


  • 1. I have IdPhotos 2008/IdPhotos Pro 4 software - can I buy an ID Photos Pro 8 Upgrade?

    Yes. Upgrade is dedicated to your software. Please be aware that activation of the Upgrade version causes the lock of the old version (it can’t be used any longer).

DryLab System
DryLab System


  • 1. I can't start DryLab software – I get the message: Cannot share dCP directory (…) The first run of the ImageProcessor must occur with elevated privileges.

    According to the error message, the first run of dlsImageProcessor must occur with elevated privileges – please right-click on the dlsImageProcessor icon and select “Run as Administrator” (or „Run” – depending on the OS).

  • 2. I can't start DryLab software – I get the message: Cannot share dCP directory (…) Status: ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED.

    You are trying to run dlsPrintMaker while dlsImageProcessor isn’t running yet. Always run dlsImageProcessor first – then dlsPrintMaker.


  • 1. I bought a software on a USB Dongle Key, and when I start DLS software I'm getting a message: I2E Trial days left: 10. Does this mean that the USB Dongle Key doesn't work?

    No. The USB Dongle Key proves that you bought a full license of DryLab System software. The I2E license isn’t a feature built into the software. I2E is an automatic library from Colour-Science Intelligent Image Enhancement, which you can use together with DryLab System. I2E license is additionally charge. Each user of DryLab System can test I2E library for 10 days for free – after that time, they are automatically switched off.


  • 1. Where can I find a list of printers working with DryLab System?

    Such a list does not exist. Our software works with all printers that are visible and work under Windows.

Event Print
Event Print


  • 1. When should I plug-in the USB Dongle Key - before or after the Software's start?

    An USB Dongle Key must be plug-in into the USB port before starting the software. Otherwise, the Event Print will run in DEMO mode.


  • 1. Should I pay for the updates?

    All updates for a major version are free of charge.

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