Event Print

Event Print is a newly-designed printing solution for smartphones and tablets. It comes with ready to use business models and allows you to immediately offer new services and get additional income from events.

  • Wireless image upload.
  • All printers supported.
  • Various business models.
  • Multi-language and customizable UI.
  • Dedicated APPs for:
Google Play
App Store

Cash-in on the selfie trend

Create a new revenue stream from party images that would otherwise just sit on peoples’ smartphones and tablets. Take advantage of the selfie trend, capture and print these images with Event Print. Bring  classic print services to the modern world of smartphones.

Make money at events

Let your guests have a bit of fun by printing their own photos taken  on their own smartphones at parties, receptions, galas, proms, dinners etc. The spectrum of events where you can use Event Print is endless. Unlike photobooths it suits serious business conferences and fancy events as well.

Offer unique services

Differentiate your service whether you are a photographer or a venue/hotel. Event Print supports 3 different business models. Depending on your needs it can print photos for free up to a contracted limit, it can be used to conduct a direct sales of photos during event or a combination of both.

Free App

Now-a-days almost everyone has a smartphone with a descent camera – that’s a fact. Therefore the main part of Event Print solution is a free app for mobile devices. It is available on both modern mobile systems: Apple iOS™ and Android™. Download it from your Store or scan QR Code and test as a Demo version.

Event Print w sklepie Google Play
Event Print w Apple Store

Scan QR Code

How to start?


Install the Event Print Server software on your PC, laptop or Windows tablet and connect the Wi-Fi router (included in package).


Connect any printer
(Fujifilm, Mitsubishi, DNP, Citizen, Epson etc.).


Set up one of the three working modes. Add value to your services by customizing the app UI and creating a customized photo border.



Relax and watch the guests have fun. Optionally offer them a professional service with photos taken by you and transferred wireless from a camera to the Event Print Server.

How does it work for guests?


Guests install the free Event Print application.


They take photos with the app or choose them from their gallery.


They print wirelessly then share them with their friends.

Competitive features

We like our competitors … to be left behind!

Main FeaturesEVENT PRINTComparable product
Multi-language UI
Supported printersAnyDNP Printers
Job database-
Photos archive
Overlay photo frames
Preview of the frame on a smartphone-
Separate photo frames for pro and guest photos-
PC software - Automatic slideshow from guest photos-
Detailed information dashboard-
Easily customizable app view-
Working modesEVENT PRINTComparable product
Free prints up to the limit per event/user/sessionSession only
Free prints + Paid-
Paid only-
Reprints of photos with on-screen preview-
Restrict printing based on photo timestamp
CompatibilityEVENT PRINTComparable product
Smartphones and tabletsApple iOS™, Android™ Apple iOS™, Android™
Modern UI optimized for hi-res screens-
Event Photo Server (PC)Windows® 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32 and 64-bit)Windows® 7 and 8
WiFi capable cameras-

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Here you can find all relevant technical information: hardware requirements and history of released updates.
  • Hardware requirements
  • Change Log

Desktop or Laptop


  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64 bits)
  • Microsoft Windows 11 (32/64 bits)


  • Intel Atom with 2 cores 1,8 GHz (SSE2 instruction) and 2GB RAM


  • min. 1440x800px & 32bit


  • min. 40MB - 300MB free disk space - depend of operating system

Mobile devices

iPhone / iPad:

  • iOS 9.0 or newer


  • 4.4.4 (kitkat) or newer

v. 2.1.0(05.12.2019)

[+] The option to divide orders between several printers has been added
[+] Possibility of printing an order number on a photo has been added

v. 2.0.1(21.10.2019)

[+] Updated French translation
[!] Fixed minor errors

v. 2.0.0(16.04.2019)

[+] Introduced Android 9 support
[+] Changed the way images are loaded in mobile app - multiple increased speed of loading photos from a gallery
[+] Introduced loading photos transferred to the cloud as a part of optimizing a used space for iOS
[+] Introduced color corrections that can be imposed directly from Event Print Server
[+] Introduced an ability to define printing of additional copies of photos outside a set limit
[+] Introduced information about a required resolution of a frame depend on a selected format
[+] Introduced a protection against a configuration when there is no printer in the operating system
[!] Fixed a bug related to an inability to change a directory to which images from mobile devices are sent
[!] Fixed a bug related to printing photos, which are copied into a Camera WiFi directory directly from a level of the operating system

v. 1.6.2(05.11.2018)

[!] Fixed bug related to printing vertical photos in the Photographer mode

v. 1.6.1(19.09.2018)

Support for iOS 12

v. 1.5.0(11.02.2018)

[!] Fixed bug related to occasionally printing white photos
[+] Support for Android 8
[+] support for iOS 11
[+] Added ability to change the currency symbol

v. 1.4.1(17.07.2017)

[!] Fixed bug related to cooperation with certain phones based on Android 7.0

v. 1.4.0(25.05.2017)

[+] Added option to edit a print queue (possibility to remove from the queue, to increase/decrease the number of copies)
[+] Introduced activation of a license. Note! Together with the activation day starts your 1 year period of Subscription for updates and support
[+] Introduced an ESD version of a license (without a Dongle Key) – Note! The ESD version requires Internet access at least once a month
[+] Fixed small bugs. Optimization of the software

v. 1.3.6(16.09.2016)

[+] Added ability to disable automatic photo printing - photos can be selected and printed manually.
[+] Added ability of manual re-printing photos from an active event (automatic or manual workflow).
[+] Added option allowing manual printing photos from event to pre-defined print templates (i.e. 8 x passport size photos for keyrings etc.).

v. 1.2.91(02.07.2016)

[+] WiFi status and warning messages have been added to assist users.

v. 1.2.58(09.06.2016)

[!] This update improves connectivity for all iOS devices

v. 1.2.2(13.04.2016)

[+] Possiblity to remove limits for particular device
[!] Bugfix for mobile apps frames. Fixed the connection error when the mobile frames were enabled.

v. 1.1.155(01.03.2016)

[+] GUI design changed
[+] Support for new languages (pl, de, it, fr, tr, hs)