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Mobile Photo Kiosk – Online

License for the first shop/server that receives photos from your clients.

The basic license required to run the Mobile Photo Kiosk service. To activate your account, simply fill the form at and enjoy the initial configuration and promo stuff we’ll deliver to you via email.

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Mobile Photo Kiosk – Additional Online Shop(s)

License for the additional shop/server that receives photos from your clients. 

NOTICE: in order to run the second and any subsequent Mobile Photo Kiosk shop(s), you must already own a basic license or buy one.

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Mobile Photo Kiosk – Router with 32GB FTP server for a local WiFi channel

Router with an FTP server for the Mobile Photo Kiosk service!

NOTICE: Requires an active basic Mobile Photo Kiosk license to run.

Router with FTP server for the Mobile Photo Kiosk service is a simple and easy-to-use FTP server with a capacity of 32 GB, thanks to which you can receive orders and share the WiFi network for your clients without compromising your own internal network. There’s an additional option to configure working hours will allow you to cut off the network when the shop is closed.

The package includes: Router

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