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ID Photos Pro – Subscription Renewal


More information about our Subscription for Updates and Technical Support:

  1. What is a Subscription for Updates and Technical Support?
    Our Subscription is a guarantee of free access to all updates and all future versions of the ID Photos Software to be released during the course of your Subscription. The Subscription also gives you free access to professional support in case of any problems with the Software (including support via phone).
  2. Do I need to initially buy a Subscription as an addition for the Software?
    1. No. Every customer gets, together with the purchase of ID Photos Software, a 1-year Subscription for free Updates and Technical Support. You don’t need to pay any additional charges the first time you buy the Software.
    2. After one year of using ID Photos Software, the Subscription expires, but you may choose to renew it for subsequent years and continue to enjoy all the rights associated with an valid Subscription.
  3. Is the Subscription perpetual?
    A Subscription is initially valid for a period of 1 year. Follow this, you can easily renew it for subsequent years.
  4. For how long will the Subscription be extended after a purchase of a Renewal?
    Subscription can be extended for another one, 2 or 3 years counting from the purchase date (the renewal period depends on which option you buy).
  5. What are the advantages of renewing the Subscription for another years?
    A valid Subscription entitles you to download Software’s updates (new ID formats, features and new Software’s versions e.g. Pro 7, Pro 8). Thanks to the Subscription, you have also access to free technical support in case of any issues with Software’s operations such as unexpected errors etc.
  6. Will the Software stop working when the Subscription expire?
    No. The purchased ID Photos license is perpetual. This means that the Software will never stop working, unless you install the Software’s version released after the expiry date of the Subscription. When the Subscription is expired the Software will no longer be updated (eg. with new ID formats).
  7. Currently my Subscription is still valid – can I buy a Renewal now?
    Subscription Renewal can be done at any time – even before its expiry date. The most important is that you don’t lose a single day from your current Subscription, because another year of Renewal is always counted from the date of expiry of the current Subscription.
  8. My Subscription has expired. Can I still buy a Renewal?
    You can renew your Subscription at any time. A Renewal is calculated from a purchase date and the price of the Renewal is determined individually (depending on how long it has been expired for). After the Renewal the software will download all the updates that weren’t downloaded in the past (because your Subscription was expired).
  9. I purchased a Subscription Renewal for ID Photos Pro Software already. In the meantime a completely new version of the Software was released. Do I have to pay extra to have access to this new version?
    No. A valid Subscription for updates and technical support gives you the ability to download and install all new version(s) of the Software without additional charge.
  10. Does Subscription Renewal apply also to older versions of the Software?
    The Subscription and the possibility of renewal was introduced together with the ID Photos Pro 5 Software. As such, Renewals are valid from this version on.